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Top 10 Tuesday – Tropes!


Tuesdays are for Top 10! Each week I’ll have a different theme, and share my favorites with you. This week’s theme is TROPES.

  1. FRIENDS TO LOVERS – Generally, I love the idea of friends getting to know each other, and over time, slowly falling in love. That “OH!” moment, when they realize, is one of my favorite things to see. Also, more specifically, this trope is something that I can relate to on a personal level as it jives perfectly with being demisexual/romantic. My past relationships have been with people who were friends first, and it’s most frequently my friends that I develop real attraction to, once I get to know them fairly intimately.
  2. FAKE DATING/MARRIAGE – This is my JAM. I love watching the characters try to come up with some kind of story about how they met, how long they’ve been dating, and all the hijinks that come with trying to convince family and/or friends that they’re really together and they really DON’T need anyone to set them up with other people anymore, REALLY. And this one gets bonus points from me when it’s FAKE DATING + FRIENDS TO LOVERS.
  3. BEST FRIEND’S OLDER SIBLING – Y’all. Okay, I love this one. Crushing on your best friend’s older sibling, trying not to let them or your friend know, one or both of them knowing you have a crush on someone and trying to get you to say who, finally admitting it to the crush…GIVE ME ALL OF IT.
  4. ENEMIES TO LOVERS – I enjoy this trope when it’s done well. One of my favorite ways to read this is when the story is kind of like ROMEO & JULIET. The parents hate each other, so the kids are supposed to hate each other, but whoops they end up liking each other and are secretly together. (Definitely do without the double suicide, though.)
  5. FAKED DEATH – This one is always so interesting to me because there’s often so many factors that contributed to it. I want to know why the person faked their death, how their family and friends react once they find out, and everything else in between.
  6. SURPRISE MAGIC POWERS – The doubt, the shock, the disbelief, the angst…It’s all SO GOOD. I love watching the character(s) come to terms with their new abilities, figuring out how to use them, trying not to be manipulated by others, and fitting these new powers into their lives somehow.
  7. LOVE TRIANGLE THAT IS ACTUALLY POLYAMORY – This is, unfortunately, not very frequently employed, but I much prefer it to your standard love triangle, because those are most often there just for the angst. Much as I love angst, even more I love seeing the three mains actually being happy together instead of circling each other in the hellish realm of jealousy.
  8. GRUFF OLDER CHARACTER WHOSE LIFE IS CHANGED BY PRECOCIOUS CHILD/TEEN – Who doesn’t love watching a grumpy character being pestered by a younger character until they reluctantly turn to mush? I love seeing the grump be totally crabby with everyone else while they’re a secret softy with the kid.
  9. THERE’S ONLY ONE BED – Will they share the bed? Will one sleep on the floor/couch? Will they somehow end up in the bed together? WILL THEY SNUGGLE?
  10. UNRESOLVED SEXUAL/ROMANTIC TENSION – This moments when you’re screaming at the book “JUST KISS ALREADY OH MY GOD” are something I live for. The angst of watching the main characters dance around each other is so painful but so FUN at the same time.

There are so many other tropes I love as well, it was so hard to narrow this down!

Which of these TROPES do you love? Are there any I didn’t list that you love?

10 thoughts on “Top 10 Tuesday – Tropes!

  1. I love the Love Triangle turned upside down via either A. The two seeking people deciding to be with each other instead AND/OR B. The sought deciding they want neither of the other two and go with either surprise option C or be happy by themselves. And now I have an idea for a story. Why do you do this to me?! 😂


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