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Flashback Friday! (April 28)


Who’s ready for another backlist book to read and love?

This week’s book is…


I am not generally a huge fan of Westerns, but Abigail Roux has the master’s touch when it comes to these stories. You can tell that she has put a lot of time and effort into studying the time period in order to make the novels feel realistic. And she really does do an incredible job of sucking you into the story and holding you there, so you feel like you’re riding right along with the four main characters as they reluctantly journey together.

Also, this book has some A+ rep! All four of the main characters are queer (homosexual and bisexual). Additionally, there are two disabled characters–one of the mains is mute and uses a kind of ASL-like shorthand when he can, and another character is missing a few fingers.



By the close of 1882, the inhabitants of the American West had earned their reputation as untamed and dangerous. The line between heroes and villains is narrow and indistinct. The concept that a man may only kill if backed into a corner is antiquated. Lives are worth less than horses. Treasures are worth killing for. And the law is written in the blood of those who came before. The only men staving off total chaos are the few who take the letter of the law at its word and risk their lives to uphold it. But in the West, the rules aren’t always played according to Hoyle.11002101

U.S. Marshals Eli Flynn and William Henry Washington are escorting two prisoners to New Orleans for trial when they discover there’s more to the infamous shootist Dusty Rose and the enigmatic man known only as Cage than merely being outlaws. When forces beyond the marshals’ control converge on the paddlewheeler they have hired to
take them downriver, they must choose between two dangers: playing by the rules at any cost or trusting the very men they are meant to bring to justice.


What BACKLIST book would you recommend everyone read?

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