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Top 10 Tuesday – What Will Automatically Make Me Pick Up A Book


Hey, y’all! This Tuesday I want to talk a bit about ten things that generally equate to auto-buys for me.

  1. QUEER CHARACTERS – Pretty generally, I will pick up anything with queer characters unless I have heard negative things about the rep/book/author/etc. I’m even more likely to pick it up if I know the queer rep is #ownvoices, meaning the author shares this marginalization themselves.
  2. POC/NATIVE CHARACTERS – Diversify that cast, y’all. There is no reason for your main cast of characters, let alone all those in the whole book/world should be white. This is another thing that I mainly stick to #ownvoices with, but if people within the race/ethnicity represented express that there’s good rep within non-ownvoices books, I check those out as well!
  3. GOOD MENTAL HEALTH REP – As a person with a handful of mental health issues, I am always on the look out for books that represent them well. More often than not, I’ve been burned by books where the author doesn’t have the mental illness represented and poorly researches, but I’m glad to see an insurgence of books lately that are doing better with representing us.
  4. SPAAAAAAAACE – Sci-Fi/Fantasy is one of my go-to genres, so I will pick up most anything with shenanigans in space.
  5. FRIENDS TO LOVERS – I talked about this in my TTT post last week, but this is my absolute favorite trope and I will add a friends-to-lovers book to my TBR so fast you didn’t see it actually happen.
  6. GOOD FAT REP – Fatphobia is rampant in society, and I have seen it in more books than I can count. To be quite honest, the only people are truly trust to write fat characters, at this point, are authors who are fat themselves. While there is sometimes some internalized fatphobic language in their writing, there is rarely the blatant fatphobic comments you see with skinny writers. As with mental health rep, fat rep in books has been getting a bit better lately, but it’s still #ownvoices only for me right now.
  7. FOUND FAMILIES – I love when a ragtag bunch of people somehow stumble upon each other and form some kind of family together.
  8. FEMALE FRIENDSHIPS – In a society where women are constantly taught to tear each other down to get ahead, I love reading books that subvert this. I love reading books that are more reflective of my friendships with other women and femme presenting/nonbinary people, where we uplift and support each other.
  9. CLOSE SIBLING RELATIONSHIPS – Please, give me all the books where siblings are close and would do anything for each other.
  10. MYTHOLOGY & FOLKLORE – Whether it’s a retelling or incorporating mythology into a different setting/universe, I am so here for mythology. I’m interested in the folklore from cultures around the world, and I love learning more about them through nonfiction and through the stories amazing authors produce.


What books would you recommend me with these things in mind?


6 thoughts on “Top 10 Tuesday – What Will Automatically Make Me Pick Up A Book

  1. Sea Foam and Silence – retelling of The Little Mermaid, with asexual and lesbian characters. It’s told in verse, and the writing is beautiful.

    City of Strife – most of the main characters are LGBTQIA+. Racial diversity in the humans, elves and mages. I’m in love with this story.

    Not Your Sidekick – bisexuals, Vietnamese American protagonist. Laugh-out-loud type of story.

    Plastic Wings – asexual, black main character. Fascinating take on angels, and the difference between good and evil.


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