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Review: Major Arcana (Death Masquerade Stories, #1) by RoAnna Sylver


35123754Publisher: The Kraken Collective
Release Date: May 19, 2017
Received From: Review copy from author

IN WHICH: In 19th-Century Venice, Italy, A Very Cool (And Familiar) Witch Informs A Homicide Inspector That He’d Better Get Used To Vampire Stories. He’s In One.

* * *

The first short story for Death Masquerade, upcoming serial novel from author RoAnna Sylver. Death Masquerade is a companion series to Stake Sauce, beginning hundreds of years and thousands of miles away. Despite the distance, the stories are deeply connected, and each holds secrets about the other.

Someone is murdering by night, and leaving the bodies to burn in rings of fire outside cathedral doors. Holy Inspector Giovanni is here to get to the bottom of the horrors by any means necessary – starting with Letizia, a sharp-eyed and sharper-tongued witch who always, always knows more than she says.

Major Arcana contains tarot cards, mysteries, vampire fights, plague doctor masks, nonbinary fire witches, queer vampire-hunter witches, opera, intrigue, secrecy and snark. Enjoy the show.


GENDER: nonbinary, cisgender


TROPES: magical abilities
TAGS: fantasy, paranormal, adult, law enforcement, tarot 
WARNINGS: violence


Major Arcana is the first story in author RoAnna Sylver’s new serial, Death Masquerade, a companion to their Stake Sauce series. This short story is separate from the six part Death Masquerade, but acts to set the scene, so to speak, for the upcoming series and can be read as a standalone.

At just shy of 30 pages, this short story is action-packed! From the start, we’re introduced to the supernatural investigation in which our narrator is involved, and with him, thrust immediately into the paranormal activity to be found in Venice.

As readers, we’re given only the information that Giovanni has, which serves to make us nearly as confused as he is about what he’s stumbled into. It adds a nice bit of mystery and intrigue, and whets the appetite for more.

I am looking forward to continuing with Sylver’s Death Masquerade series, as well as checking out Steak Sauce and their other books!




7351298RoAnna Sylver is passionate about stories that give hope, healing and even fun for LGBT, disabled and other marginalized people, and thinks we need a lot more. Aside from writing oddly optimistic dystopia books, RoAnna is a blogger, artist, singer, voice actor, and Verified Creator on

RoAnna lives with family and a small snorking dog near Portland, OR, and probably spends too much time playing videogames. The next adventure RoAnna would like is a nap in a pile of bunnies.





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