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BOOK TAG: Mid-Year Book Freak Out

Everyone else seems to be doing this, so I figure, why not?

1. Best book you’ve read so far in 2017

(1) 27 HOURS by Tristina Wright, (2) THE UPSIDE OF UNREQUITED by Becky Albertalli, (3) ILLEGAL CONTACT by Santino Hassell, (4) MISFITS by Garrett Leigh.

2. Your favourite sequel of 2017

(1) ASSASSINS: NEMESIS by Erica Cameron, (2) CONCOURSE by Santino Hassell, (3) SHATTERED MINDS by Laura Lam, (4) AFRAID TO FLY by L.A. Witt

3. A new release you haven’t read but want to

(1) WINTERSONG by S. Jae-Jones, (2) HOUSE OF FURIES by Madeleine Roux, (3) BUFFALO SOLDIER by Maurice Broaddus, (4) WILD by Hannah Moskowitz


4. Most anticipated release for the second half of the year


(1) BEASTS MADE OF NIGHT by Tochi Onyebuchi, (2) REBEL SEOUL by Axie Oh, (3) LIKE WATER by Rebecca Podos, (4) THE EPIC CRUSH OF GENIE LO by F.C. Yee

5. Your biggest disappointment


(1) THE OTHER FIVE PERCENT by Quinn Anderson, (2) KEEPER OF THE DAWN by Dianna Gunn, (3) HOPELESS ROMANTIC by Francis Gideon, (4) THE WISHING HEART by J.C. Welker

6. Biggest surprise of the year


(1) MASK OF SHADOWS by Linsey Miller, (2) SHOW YOURSELF TO ME by Xan West, (3) HAVEN by Rebekah Weatherspoon, (4) THE BUTCH AND THE BEAUTIFUL by Kris Ripper

7. Fave new to you or debut author

(1) Garrett Leigh – new to me, (2) Tara Sim – new to me, (3) AdriAnne Strickland & Michael Miller – debut, (4) Linsey Miller – debut

8. Your new fictional crush


(1) Gavin Brawley, (2) Daphne & Cassie, (3) Qole & Solara, (4) Khya & Tessen

9. New favourite character


(1) Molly Peskin-Suso, (2) Zane, (3) Bethan, (4) Travis Wilson & Clint Fraser

10. A book that made you cry


(1) 27 HOURS by Tristina Wright, (2) CONCOURSE by Santino Hassell, (3) MISSFITS by Garrett Leigh, (4) HOW TO MAKE A WISH by Ashley Herring-Blake

11. A book that made you happy


(1) LOVE BEYOND BODY, SPACE, AND TIME by Various Authors and edited by Hope Nicholson, (2) MASK OF SHADOWS by Linsey Miller, (3) LOCK AND KEY by Sasha Devlin, (4) THAW by Elyse Springer

12. Fave book to movie adaptation you’ve seen this year

I don’t believe I’ve seen any.

13. Most beautiful book you’ve bought/received


(1) TASH HEARTS TOLSTOY by Kathryn Omsbee, (2) YOU’RE WELCOME, UNIVERSE by Whitney Gardner, (3) WHEN DIMPLE MET RISHI by Sandhya Menon, (4) 27 HOURS by Tristina Wright

14. What are some books you need to read before the end of the year?

(1) THE KING OF BOURBON STREET by Thea de Salle, (2) GIRL ON THE VERGE by Pintip Dunn, (3) RUNEBINDER by Alex R. Kahler, (4) HEART OF THE STEAL by Avon Gale & Roan Parrish

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