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🌻 Sunshine Blogger Award

I was tagged by my Smol, Jessi, over at BiblioJessi for the Sunshine Blogger Award. Thanks, kiddo. 💜


  • Thank the person who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog.
  • Answer the 11 questions sent by the person who nominated you.
  • Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write then 11 new questions.
  • List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or on your blog.

Questions from Jessi:

1: What is the best thing blogging has brought to you? Y’all ready for this mush right here…my friends! I’ve met so many wonderful people through Twitter and blogging, and I’m so glad to count them as my friends.

2: Do you have a book you bought because of the cover that you still haven’t read? Loads of them. First to come to mind right now is WHEN DIMPLE MET RISHI.

3: Pick a historical figure. What do you think their favorite YA book would be if they were alive today? I think Jane Austen would love Erica Cameron’s ISLAND OF EXILES. Strong sarcastic heroine, a boy who’s hopelessly in love with her but she doesn’t see it, “enemies” to lovers, saving the day, sibling relationships…I think it’s got all the things Jane enjoys.

4: What’s the best book you have read that also has your favorite color on the cover? 27 HOURS by Tristina Wright! Purple all the way, baby.

5: Do you DNF books? Why or why not? Yes, I do. Why I DNF a specific book depends on the content, usually. But I will DNF at pretty much any point throughout a novel. Unless I’m reading it for the purposes of outlining warnings and triggers for people, life is too short to read harmful and/or boring books.

6: What is the first book you can remember reading? (Could be a picture book.) Probably one of the Arthur books. My parents read to me every night before bed when I was a kid, but I distinctly remember those books, along with Babar the Elephant and a book of fairytales and folklore.

7: Have you been an avid reader since you were really young, or did you get into reading later in life? Since I was a kid! Like I said in the last question, my parents read to me every night before bed, and I’ve been hooked ever since.

8: What book means the most to you? Top 5: 27 HOURS by Tristina Wright, PRIDE AND PREJUDICE by Jane Austen, OTHERBOUND by Corinne Duyvis, MASK OF SHADOWS by Linsey Miller, and THE OUTSIDERS by S.E. Hinton (fuck her tho)

9: What is a book that you wish you could go back and read again for the first time? *pulls on my 27 HOURS Fan Club President tshirt, drinks out of the mug, wears the buttons and hat* I bet you can’t guess.

(But also, PRIDE AND PREJUDICE too. That book is lovely to me.)

10: Name 3 characters that would make an awesome best friend group. Braeden Tennant (27 HOURS), Bethan (THE HOLLOW GIRL), Daphne (TIMEKEEPER)

11: Which author are you waiting on the most for their next book? Oh god, this is a hella long list, so I’ll just name a couple: Santino Hassell, Tara Sim, AdriAnne Strickland & Michael Miller, Erica Cameron, and Anna Zabo.

My Questions:

  1. What 2017 debut for the second half of the year are you most looking forward to?
  2. What are 5 books you think are underrated and/or under hyped?
  3. If you could attend a signing for any author, who would you choose?
  4. What’s your favorite genre, and why?
  5. You’re stuck on a stranded island and can only bring one book with you, which do you bring?
  6. What’s your favorite thing to find on a cover? (People, flowers, abstract designs, cities, etc.)
  7. Which tropes would you like to see more of, and which would you like to see less of (or see never again)?
  8. What kind of setting would you like to see more of in fiction?
  9. I know it’s difficult to pick just one, so current Top 5 Ships? (otps, brotps, qpp, etc.)
  10. What’s 1 thing you like and 1 thing you dislike about YA, NA, and Adult fiction?
  11. Are you excited about any of the upcoming film/tv adaptations? Which ones?

I Tag:

  1. Mariam @ Mariam’s Yummy Books
  2. Weezie @ Weezie’s Whimsical Writings
  3. Maf @ Bookworm Wander
  4. Marianne @ Boricuan Bookworms
  5. Laura @ Green Tea & Paperbacks

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