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REVIEW: Skin Hunger by Eli Lang


35398026Publisher: Riptide Publishing
Release Date: November 13, 2017
Received From: NetGalley

Ava should be living her dream as the drummer for Escaping Indigo. The problem is, she’s secretly in love with her bandmate, Tuck. But he’s fallen for someone else. Being a drummer is still the best, but for Ava, every day is also a reminder of what she can’t have.

With her grandmother moving into assisted living, Ava figures it’s a good time to head home and help out. And if it lets her get some distance from Tuck and his girlfriend, all the better. But Ava hasn’t visited her family in years, and home isn’t really home anymore. Instead, it’s the place she’s been running from, full of memories of everything her parents wanted for her—and everything she didn’t want for herself.

But on the airplane, Ava meets Cara, and the two women feel an immediate connection. And when they bump into each other a second time, it seems like fate. Cara offers Ava something she’s never had—someone to love who loves her back. But to be with Cara, Ava may have to change her whole life around, and that’s something she’s not sure she’s ready for.


GENDER: cisgender
SEXUALITY: bisexual, lesbian


TROPES: rebound romance
TAGS: adult, contemporary, romance, queer romance, queer characters, coming out
WARNINGS: ableism, alcoholism mention


Every time I pick up an Eli Lang book, I hope I’m going to enjoy it more than the last. I’ve liked all her books I’ve read, the writing is pretty good, but there just always seems to be something missing for me. I can never seem to completely immerse myself in them and fall in love, and unfortunately, Skin Hunger seems to continue that pattern for me.

Like I said, I think the writing is good–it all flows well and is descriptive enough to help the reader form a mental image without being overly flowery. The books always seem to deal with at least one topic that I’m interested in reading about, which is generally done well, but the pieces just don’t come together to make me fall in love.

With this book especially, I was filled with a lowkey sense of unease and discomfort nearly the whole time I was reading because of Ava’s feelings for her best friend and bandmate, Tuck. Now, there’s obviously nothing wrong with her being in love with him, but considering this is the story of Ava’s romance with Cara, it was a bit disconcerting how frequently she reflected on her feelings for him. It made me twitchy to get to the 80% mark of the novel and read her still talking about being in love with Tuck in a way that didn’t make room for anything else. It made me a bit skeptical of the resulting relationship between Ava and Cara.

I’ll definitely continue with the series, in the hopes that I enjoy Quinn’s book.


Eli Lang photo_web cut

Eli Lang is a writer and drummer. She has played in rock bands, worked on horse farms, and has had jobs in libraries, where she spent most of her time reading every book she could get her hands on. She can fold a nearly perfect paper crane and knows how to tune a snare drum. She still buys stuffed animals because she feels bad if they’re left alone in the store, believes cinnamon buns should always be eaten warm, can tell you more than you ever wanted to know about the tardigrade, and has a book collection that’s reaching frightening proportions. She lives in Arizona with far too many pets.

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