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Hey, y’all! I hope everyone reading this is doing well and 2018 has been treating you right so far!

Today’s post is just a brief introduction to a new segment I’m going to be starting, so scroll on down a bit for more details, and I hope all y’all will join me for some fun!







The idea for this series just came recently, but it was put in the works in December 2017 when Erica Cameron put out a tweet saying that she was open for blog post requests for the new year. Erica is one of my favorite authors, so I jumped on that, and then she and I started working on an interview to put up.

While we were doing that, it seemed like a cool idea to open up my blog 1-2 times a month to different authors, both published and unpublished, so they could post about different topics that they’re passionate about, that they think people don’t know enough about, or that they don’t get to talk about enough. So I put out a call on Twitter to see if anyone would be interested, and the response was overwhelmingly positive! Thus, this series was officially born.

Starting next week, every Wednesday through the end of the year will feature a different author, with either an interview or a guest post. I hope y’all find some new to you authors you want to support!

WRITER WEDNESDAY will begin with the aforementioned interview with Erica Cameron, so stay tuned!

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