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WRITER WEDNESDAY: An Interview with Piper Vaughn


It’s a new week and a new Writer Wednesday! Welcome back!

Today, I have the honor of interviewing the amazing, wonderful Piper Vaughn! When I first came up with the idea for this series, they were one of the first authors I thought of and knew I wanted to be a part of the it. So I am ecstatic to have them here today!

So, without further ado, an interview with Piper Vaughn!


LEAH: Hi Piper! Thanks so much for joining us this morning! Let’s just jump right in, shall we? Let’s go with a pretty basic question to start: What is your writing process like? And do you have to work in a certain area? Do you listen to music?
PV: Hi Leah! Thanks for having me. 😀 Usually my writing process is to create a sort of broadscope outline–maybe a list of bullet points, detailing all the major plot beats–and then from there I typically break that outline into chapter-by-chapter summaries. After that, the writing starts. At the moment I prefer to work at my desktop in my bedroom/office, but I hope to have a dedicated office at some point in the future. I believe in workspace/sleep space separation, but right now, we just don’t have the room for it. I do listen to music a lot of the time, but not always. When I do, I like to put a playlist together for whatever project or series I’m working on and then I just cycle through that playlist on repeat until I finish the story.

LEAH: Ah, I hope you’re able to get your office sometime soon! Now, one thing that you explore a bit in several of your novels is different kinks. What is the process on that like for you?
PV: Educational! The kinks I choose to write aren’t always ones that interest me in my own life, so I often have to educate myself before I attempt to write them. When I recently wrote some heavier kink, I also involved a sensitivity reader with a background in both the BDSM lifestyle and as a kink educator because I wanted to do my due diligence. Basically, I do my best to research and familiarize myself with the subject I’m writing about. That applies to almost everything I’m unfamiliar with, not just kink.

LEAH: Definitely a good mindset to have, and I think your writing really shows that you put an effort into learning about different topics. As regarding writing, you’ve written mostly contemporary, and some paranormal, romance so far. Are there any subgenres you’ve thought about trying and just haven’t gotten to yet? Are there any that you know you’ll never try to branch out to?
PV: I’d say probably high fantasy and sci-fi. I love to read both, both in and out of romance, but I don’t know if I’d care for the intense amount of world-building that goes into both those genres.

LEAH: Hah, that makes sense! I’ve seen some of the maps and such of people who write in those areas, and they are incredibly detailed. And now, can you tell us a bit about your upcoming projects, both solo and co-written?
PV: Sure! Currently Avon Gale and I are working on GOALIE INTERFERENCE, which is the second book in our Hat Trick hockey romance series. We hope for a mid-to-late summer release for that, if everything works out on schedule. After that, we’ll be starting NECESSARY ART, book two in our Art & Soul series. As for solo projects, I have a proposal out for a texting series. Book one of that series is in-progress. I also have a rival food truck romance on my to-do list, as well as a Vloggers duology featuring a couple of YouTubers–one of which will be the first non-binary character I’ve ever written. I’m also plotting a shifter series and a cozy mystery series, although at least in the case of the latter one, that will be under a different pen name.

LEAH: *heart eyes* All of these sound amazing! I can’t wait to get my hot lil hands on them at some point! *wiggles fingers* Of the books on your backlist, are there any that you’d make changes to if you could? Something you’d add or take out that wouldn’t change the overall plot?
PV: Oh sure. I mean, I hope I can say I’ve grown as a writer since my first book got published over 7 years ago. For instance, in the case of ONE SMALL THING, when we were writing the book back in 2011, I’d never even heard the word demisexual. It just wasn’t on my radar in any way. But once I did learn it, I realized Erik’s sexual identity is demi, 100%. If I had it to do over, I’d love to have him learn and explore that during the course of the novel as he’s falling in love with Rue.

LEAH: Aw, that would be an awesome addition! Nooow, I always have to ask this one because I love seeing the responses, but so far, which of your characters has been your favorite to write?
PV: I have to be completely honest and admit that if you’d asked me this two months ago, this answer would have been different. Now, I’d say Tristan from OFF THE ICE. He was a pleasure to write because he’s just so good. Just a decent, upstanding, friendly guy with a huge heart. I worried readers would find him boring, but in the end, a lot of people loved him because of his goodness, and that makes me really happy.

LEAH: Oh gosh, yeah, Tristan’s sweetness was one of the things I adored most about him and that book! He’s such a precious character, I want to wrap him in blankets. *laughs* And now let’s do some fun questions! Pick five of your characters and describe their perfect date.

-Tristan: He’s actually already had it, or close to it! He’d love a road trip with Seb in his vintage GTO, maybe to a classic rock festival. Second to that, if the Venom ever win the Stanley Cup Final and Tristan gets to spend his day with the Cup, he’d probably be really into the idea of putting it somewhere he could see it while he and Seb got busy. Ahem.

-Poe: He’s actually not very big on formal dates. He prefers to just hang out, but if he had to choose, I think he’d be into the idea of road-tripping to Chicago on Jericho’s motorcycle and then going on a graffiti tour and ending the night with a nice spanking in a swanky hotel room. 😉

-Avery: He’s a man of discerning tastes and he likes to be spoiled, so he’d love to be wined and dined by his man and taken on a shopping spree, especially if designer shoes are involved.

-Erik: Going on a special private tour of the sets where the latest Star Wars episodes were filmed and maybe having his pick of a prop to take home. Just him, Rue, and the tour guide, so he wouldn’t have to deal with crowds or his social anxiety.  

-Blue: He wouldn’t admit it to Poe, but he’d love to spend a day, or even a weekend, at the Louvre. He’d be in his happy place being surrounded by all that art. And after that, taking a trip to Britain to check out the street art in places like London and Brighton. So his perfect date would be more like a perfect trip, but yeah. It’s a fantasy he’ll never confess to anyone.

LEAH: Wow, these dates are such a mixture of sweet and naughty–I love it! Okay, now pick five characters and tell me one book/comic/etc. that each of them would say is a Must Read.

-Erik: Anything Star Wars related, to be honest. LOL. He’s a fanatic, and he reads any SW related book he can get his hands on, including the film novelizations.

-Avery: He’s not a huge reader, so he’d probably suggest fashion mags. Stuff like GQ or Vogue Hommes International or GRIND Magazine.

-Tristan: He doesn’t read a ton outside of what he’s assigned for class, but he likes the Check, Please! comic! He thinks it’s funny and adorable, and of course it’s about a gay hockey player, so for him, it’s relatable.

-Mark: Since his boyfriend’s an author, he’d try to recommend Shepherd Knight’s The Drake Chronicles. Alas, like Shep, the series is fictional, but it could be compared to Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files. Aside from that, Mark’s Must Read favorite is also mine: Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.

-Ryu: It’s not common knowledge, but Ryu loves a good sprawling fantasy! His favorite series is The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan, so that would be what he’d recommend.

LEAH: Awesome! I’ll have to check out the ones I’ve not read yet! The main characters from the Hat Trick series dress up for Halloween. What do they all dress as?
PV: If I’m remembering right, Avon and I actually discussed this once! LOL.

Tristan: An angel.

Sebastian: The Devil.

Ryu: His regular clothes. (The spoilsport, but he would not dress up.)

Emmitt: A hockey player.

Morley: Something ridiculous, like a beer keg or the eggplant emoji.

LEAH: *cracks up* I can totally see Morley dressing like the eggplant emoji, oh my god! Describe the main characters of your three most recent releases as drinks you can get from Starbucks.

-Tristan: Vanilla latte – A sweet, simple classic

-Poe: Iced coffee – straightforward and to the point

-Avery: Chai Latte – A balance of sweet and spicy, which perfectly describes Avery when he’s behaving. 😉

LEAH: Oh, these are so perfect! *laughs* Especially Avery, that spicy little hedgie. Well, Piper, thank you so much for coming by, it was lovely to have you!
PV: Thank you so much! This was a lot of fun! ❤


5029054Piper Vaughn wrote their first love story at eleven and never looked back. Since then, they’ve known that writing in some form was exactly what they wanted to do. A reader at the core, Piper loves nothing more than getting lost in a great book—fantasy, young adult, romance, they love them all (and has a two-thousand-book library to prove it!). They grew up in Chicago, in an ethnically diverse neighborhood, and love to put faces and characters of every ethnicity in their stories, so their fictional worlds are as colorful as the real one. Above all, they believe that everyone needs a little true love in their life…even if it’s only in a book.

Represented by Courtney Miller-Callihan of Handspun Literary.


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