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REVIEW: An Offering of Plums by J Emery


39719172Publisher: Self-pubbed
Release Date: April 10, 2018
Received From: Review copy from the author

When Tristan’s boyfriend invites him to the Guardian Hill for a date one night he doesn’t know what to expect. Certainly not the betrayal he ends up with as his boyfriend tries to use him to summon the guardian demon. But the demon has their own ideas about what makes a fitting offering and a terrified man is not it. The demon frees him instead.

Angry and hurt after the ordeal, Tristan returns to the hill again seeking not just answers but solace. Over time he and the demon develop a tentative friendship that may help him heal in more ways than one.

An Offering of Plums is an 8,000 word m/enby romance short story

Content warnings: mild violence including blood, sexual situations (consensual, not graphic), mild kink


GENDER: presumed cisgender, nonbinary
SEXUALITY: queer (specific label not named)


TAGS: adult, fantasy, short story, romance, queer romance, queer characters
WARNINGS: violence, blood, physical injury, attempted human sacrifice, mental illness (PTSD)


“An unwilling sacrifice is no sacrifice at all.”

This short story was so lovely! While poor Tristan is off to a rough start at the beginning, it was so nice to see him find a place where he could be safe and made sure to take himself there when he felt overwhelmed by everything. He’s so sweet and deserves happiness and safety, and I just wanted to wrap him in a blanket and not let anyone hurt him.

Also, I loved the way the friendship and relationship developed between Tristan and the demon. The demon saves Tristan from becoming a human sacrifice, and when Tristan continues to return to the clearing, with offerings, so he can spend his time in a safe place, the two eventually become friends, as well as lovers. The way that the two of them trust the other is so precious, and I adored the way they took care of each other and just wanted to be close to each other.

My only complaint is that it was so short! I want a full length novel with these two–I could read so many more pages of them together and how they care for each other. And I want to learn more about the two of them and their lives, separately and together. In my head, Tristan somehow ends up able to go to the other realm with the demon so they can stay together. Also, it would’ve been nice to get a name for the demon, but that lack did not detract from my overall enjoyment of the story.


Emery has been slowly writing their way through every fantasy trope since they were little (some of them more than once). Maybe someday they’ll have covered them all. And also made them much more queer.

In their free time, they can be found gaming and documenting the whole thing on twitter at @mixeduppainter. Their ridiculous levels of terror over horror games are near legendary


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