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WRITER WEDNESDAY: An Interview with LA Witt


Good morning, good morning!

Before we get started today, please allow me a minute or twenty to completely fanby, because today’s guest for Writer Wednesday is one of my very favorite authors–LA Witt! And Lauren Gallagher. And Ann Gallagher. And Lori A Witt……Wow that’s a lot of names for one person, but we’ll get into that more shortly! Because Lori has very generously allowed me to interview her!

So please, have a seat with your mobile device and beverages of choice, and enjoy the interview!


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COVER REVEAL: Power Surge by Sara Codair


Good morning, everyone!

Today, I am excited to share with you another stunning cover! Another NineStar Press upcoming release, POWER SURGE by Sara Codair releases in early October, and the cover is just as interesting as the book sounds! I’m a sucker for books with nonbinary main characters, so I am really looking forward to reading this.

Now, wanna take a look at the blurb?

Erin is a cutter. Most days, therapy, meds, and the threat of hospitalization curb the urge to slice their skin with sharp objects, but when they get stressed, they can’t stop their fingernails from piercing their flesh.

Having to finish senior year without Adderall is stressful. Their best friend, José, flirting like he wants to be more than friends makes their skin buzz. A stalker adds anxiety to the mix. They’re on the verge of a breakdown when the stalker, clearly not human, corners them in a hallway, pins them with hands literally as cold and white as snow, and licks their cheek with his forked tongue. They think he’s a hallucination, but later, he attacks their friends on the beach. After helping Erin fight him off, José promises it’s real demon.

Demons are just the tip of the paranormal iceberg: José is a hunter-in-training, and Erin’s Grandpa is his mentor. Erin was supposed be a hunter too, but Grandpa feared their ADHD and mental illness would get them killed. Now, the hunters have become the hunted and Grandpa needs all the help he can get – including Erin’s. Some people would be terrified, but adrenaline calms the buzzing that makes Erin crave sharp objects.

Erin has a chance to prove that their disorders don’t inhibit their ability to hunt, but more than their pride is at stake. If they don’t kill their demon stalker before it captures them, he’ll trigger an Armageddon that will turn the entire human population into demon food.

Sounds really awesome, right? I’m so excited to see the nonbinary and mental illness rep, which is all #ownvoices, on page!

Okay, now, the moment we’ve been waiting for…time to reveal the cover! Give yourself a moment to prepare for the pretty and then scroll on down to see!

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Reviews for Already Published Books

REVIEW: Concerto in Chroma Major by Naomi Tajedler


39078770Publisher: Interlude Press
Release Date: July 12, 2018
Received From: NetGalley

Alexandra Graff, a Californian living in Paris, is a stained-glass artist whose synesthesia gifts her with the ability to see sounds in the form of color. When she’s commissioned to create glass panels for the new Philharmonie, she forms a special bond with the intriguing Halina Piotrowski, a famous Polish pianist. As their relationship develops, Alexandra shows Halina the beautiful images her music inspires. But when it comes to a lasting future together, will Halina’s fear of roots and commitment stand in the way?

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Reviews for Already Published Books

REVIEW: Help Wanted by J Emery


40852389Publisher: Self-pub
Release Date: July 26, 2018
Received From: Review copy from the author

Em is confused about a lot of things: who she is, what she wants, how she’s going to pass Alchemy when she’s awful at it. The one thing she’s not confused about is how much she wants to buy her best friend (and college roommate) the best birthday present ever. Luckily the local magic supply shop is hiring.

Her plan to get a job there would be working perfectly if not for her coworker Phineas who is in turns aggravating and endearingly awkward. She’s not sure if she wants to date him or wants to be him. The more time they spend together the more she thinks it may be both.

Help Wanted is an 18,000 word novella with a gender and sexuality questioning f/m romance. It is the first in a new series about students at a contemporary magic college.

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Writer Wednesday

WRITER WEDNESDAY: A Guest Post by Brynne Seabrooke


Good morning, y’all, and welcome back for another Writer Wednesday!

Today, we have a really great post for you from author Brynne Seabrooke, who’s working on aer book, fondly referred to as #BisexualDads. Ae is here with us today to talk about depression, losing your inspiration, and finding it once more.

Scroll down to take a look!


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