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Witch-ify Your TBR


Good morning, y’all!

Today we have a really fun Halloween themed post! I saw this over on Wild Heart Reads, and my friend Ash decided to share some witchy, magic-filled reads to go along with the holiday season. Since I like reading books with magic as well, I figured it might be cool to share some of my own recs!

I’m going to attempt not to repeat any of the ones Ash shared, so let’s see how this goes! Keep on scrolling for some spoopy book recommendations!


🧙 (1) THE HOLLOW GIRL by Hillary Monahan 🧙 (2) BEASTS MADE OF NIGHT by Tochi Onyebuchi 🧙 (3) ISLAND OF EXILES by Erica Cameron 🧙 (4) DARKLING by Brooklyn Ray 🧙

🧙 (1) TOIL & TROUBLE ANTHOLOGY edited by Jessica Spotswood & Tess Sharpe 🧙 (2) SONG OF BLOOD & STONE by L. Penelope 🧙 (3) ARCH-NEMESIS by Gabriela Martins 🧙 (4) HELP WANTED by J. Emery 🧙

🧙 (1) SOMETHING TO REMEMBER by Elliott Junkyard 🧙 (2) A FERRY OF BONES & GOLD by Hailey Turner 🧙 (3) RUNEBINDER by Alex R. Kahler 🧙 (4) A LAKE OF FEATHERS & MOONBEAMS by Dax Murray 🧙

🧙 (1) THE NOVEMBER GIRL by Lydia Kang 🧙 (2) SHADOW RUN by AdriAnne Stricland & Michael Miller 🧙 (3) REIGN OF THE FALLEN by Sarah Glenn Marsh 🧙 (4) OTHERBOUND by Corinne Duyvis 🧙

Have you read any of these? What did you think? Do you have any recommendations for me? Comment below, and don’t forget to check out Ash’s post and tag me if you do your own!

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