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BLOG TOUR (Guest Post + Giveaway!): Why the Devil Stalks Death by LJ Hayward


Hello hello, my lovelies!

Today, we’ve got a great post from author LJ Hayward, who writes the thrilling, M/M romantic suspense series DEATH AND THE DEVIL!

I don’t know about all y’all, but I am super excited for the next book to come out so I can see what kind of shenanigans Ethan and Jack get up to while yelling at my electronic devices as they continue to have communication issues. (I really hope that bit gets fixed because I love these two together.) Also, will Jack finally kiss Ethan, giving him what’s essentially Jack’s most precious gift? WE JUST DON’T KNOW. Luckily, we only have one more day before we find out!

For now, enjoy this wonderful guest post!


Hello and welcome to my blog tour! I’m L.J. Hayward and I write the Death and the Devil series about Jack Reardon, a spy, and Ethan Blade, an assassin, two damaged but well-equipped men trying to survive their jobs and each other. In Why the Devil Stalks Death, the guys are faced with a serial killer of exceptional skill and finding the Judge before they kill again might just be the thing that breaks Jack and Ethan apart . . .

One lucky commenter from the tour will receive their choice of the Death and the Devil series to date or a $15 Amazon gift voucher!

Profiling the Profiler

In Why the Devil Stalks Death, Jack is doing something he doesn’t normally do—hunting a serial killer dubbed the Judge with the New South Wales police force. On his first day, he gets a crash course on serial murders from the strike team profiler . . .

Meet Dr. Adam Quinn.

Jack turned to the voice and found the man in the suit facing him. Under the generic suit, his lean, long body was promising, but it was the sweep of blond hair across a high brow, sparkling blue eyes and mischievously smiling mouth that caught Jack’s attention. Recognition hit him a second later.


As a forensic psychiatrist, Adam works with very troubled patients, mostly in prison and after they’re released. He’s constantly around dangerous criminals—he was even taken hostage by one of them once—and yet doesn’t hesitate to help an old friend find a serial killer in his spare time. However, his dedication to the job has taken its toll.

“Don’t give me that look,” Adam said, a half smirk on his lips.

“What look?”

“The ‘poor you’ look. The ‘you’ve looked too long into the abyss’ look.”

But Adam’s very good at being a profiler—“Don’t call him that to his face, though. He says it makes him feel like he’s a dog doing tricks at a party.”—and if anyone has a chance of finding the Judge, it’s him, but only if he gets help from one particular person.

“I need to know why him. Why would our killer take such a big risk of getting into a secure army base and confronting a trained soldier? What was it about Morrissey that made the Judge decide he must die? This is your job, [Jack]. If you can give me the how, it will help me with the why. And ultimately, the who.”

Adam only knows Jack as an advisor on his case, he has no idea about who he really is, or just who’s waiting for Jack to come home to him. Finding out may well be the most dangerous thing Adam’s ever done.

I hope you enjoyed this little peak into Adam Quinn and remember to leave your email address in the comments for your chance to win!

Many thanks to Small Queer, Big Opinions for hosting me today!!

Cheers, L.J.


About the Author

AC062058F2AE4EFBB097A99D6B68D833[5181224]L.J. Hayward has been telling stories for most of her life. Granted, a good deal of them have been of the tall variety, but who’s counting? Parents and teachers notwithstanding, of course. These days, the vast majority of her story telling has been in an honest attempt to create fun and exciting ways of entertaining others (and making money).

As such, she is still a mad (always provoked!) scientist in a dungeon laboratory (it has no windows. Seriously, the zombie apocalypse could be going on outside and she’d have nary a clue) who, on the rare occasions she emerges into the light, does so under extreme protest and with the potential hazard of bursting into flames under the southeast Queensland sun.

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