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BLOG TOUR: Revelry by Nicole Field


Hello, hello!

We’ve got a pretty packed day on the blog today with two guest posts, but I jumped at the chance to feature a stop on Nicole Field’s blog tour for their latest release, REVELRY, an F/F and F/M polyamorous, speculative fiction series! They’ve stopped by to talk a bit about the polyamory aspect of the story, so have a read and then be sure to pick up books one and two!


Being an avid paranormal romance reader, and romance reader more generally, I haven’t been able to miss noticing something: There’s not a lot of broad representation when it comes to polyamory. Love triangles, oh yes, we have loads of those. And closed triads.

Polyamorous V’s are something that have been much more common in my life experience, and I enjoy writing the two separately existing relationships in my stories. The Shock of Survival was a novella where I really enjoyed putting that on the page, as well as the short story “Dream” in the charity anthology Resilience: Puerto Rico that was released earlier this year.

But I’m not here to talk about those stories today. What I want to talk about is the way I’ve found that writing a polyamorous relationship freed me up to not just give a happily ever after to my main character with one love interest, but to also manage a slower burn romance with the other.

By the end of Changing Loyalties, Dahlia and Bianca have begun a casual relationship with one another. Dahlia and Elliott, on the other hand, experience a moment that leads Dahlia to no longer know where she stands with Elliott.

This is important as, with many small publishers, they require a happily ever after. However, with spec fic and other serialised drama, I’ve found that readers often prefer there to be a more drawn out will-they-won’t-they relationship. (A really good example of this is Cole McCade’s ‘Criminal Intensions’ series, here.)

Bringing polyamory into my stories, I’ve managed to run both kinds of romance in my serialised spec fic.

Writing Revelry, I found I had the base of a relationship I could build on and deepen with Bianca and Dahlia. They don’t always get things right, and they come from two completely different worlds, but they both find a lot to appreciate in the other, and so trust and camaraderie grow.

Dahlia and Elliott, on the other hand, have known each other a lot longer but have only recently begun to look at each other with a romantic interest in mind. One of the things I can already say I’m looking forward to bringing in from my own life and experience is the way that lessons learned in one relationship can be useful when applied to another.

For example, although the scenario of different worlds that Elliott and Dahlia is different, they do still come from different worlds. Elliott is a demisexual vampire. Dahlia is human, and very definitely allosexual. Elliott is also far older than Dahlia, although this is something Dahlia is used to with exclusion of the werewolves who populate her life and these books.


6878229Nicole writes across the spectrum of sexuality and gender identity. She lives in Melbourne with one of her partners, two cats, a whole lot of books and a bottomless cup of tea.

Co-creator of Queer Writers Chat and reviewer for Just Love: Queer Book Reviews. Also likes tea, crochet and Gilmore Girls.

Her books are available on: Amazon | Publisher | B&N | Smashwords | Netgalley


Revelry-fDahlia’s family is in tatters after the death of the alpha of the Melbourne pack. Luca has been given the role in his place, she and Annabelle can barely manage to be in the same room together, and Dennis is still at large. And wherever he’s hiding, he’s making new werewolves at a terrifying rate.

All Dahlia wants is a moment to catch her breath. Her relationship with Bianca is new and fragile, she can’t decide whether she’d like to end up in Research or Magic within the secret society of the Sisterhood… and then there’s Elliot, who brings an entirely new set of complications.

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