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THE RHYTHM OF LIFE: An Interview with Twisted Wishes


LEAH: Good morning, everyone! Today, we’ve got some exciting guests! Everyone’s favorite Queer Squad–Twisted Wishes! *mimics cheering noises* Thanks so much for agreeing to come by, y’all!

Ray: Hey, it’s no problem at all.

Others: *make agreement noises*

LEAH: Let’s start with your basic interview question. *laughs* Are y’all currently working on anything new? Anything you can tell us about?

Ray: *looks coy*

Zavier: *rolls his eyes at Ray*

Mish: Ray’s always working on something new. He’s got pages and pages of notes and shit in that little black book of his.

Domino: Most people have phone numbers in little black books…

Zavier: Ray only needs my number, if he wants a good time…

Ray: *blushes* Hey! Phones are for phone numbers. And there’s nothing little about my black book, sheesh. But yeah, there’s always new stuff in the works. Plus rehearsing for touring and all that.

Zavier, to Ray: So you don’t want a good time?

Ray: I– You– This is how all the rumors about us on the internet get started, you know.

Zavier: *just smiles*

LEAH: *snickers* Anyway! Y’all have a much bigger social media presence ever since Adrian Doran came on board. How has that affected your day-to-day lives, as well as when you’re touring? Do you find that it’s caused you modify your behaviors in unforeseen ways? *smiles* And Adrian, the same questions apply for you as well. How has touring and managing the band’s social media influenced your life, that you’ve noticed?

All: *look around at each other*

Ray: I think the fans know more about us now? Like little things? I don’t think I’ve modified my behaviour as such– but I think a little bit more about what I’m doing and if it’s interesting, you know?

Mish: But fans find pretty much everything interesting. I think we sometimes forget how different our lives are now, and how different touring is. Like, people have this perception that it’s kind of luxurious, which it is sometimes, but there’s only so much luxury when you’re bumping along a highway somewhere. But I haven’t changed my life for anyone in years, and I don’t expect to now.

Adrian: For me, I’m a hell of a lot more relaxed.

Zav: Good sex will do that.

Domino: ZAV!

Zavier: You’re more relaxed, too.

Adrian: *laughs* He is.

Domino: Who’s side are you on?

Adrian: My own. And yours. Anyway… the thing I noticed is that… I feel more a part of something real. I never felt that as a cog in a corporate wheel. And I figure what I find fascinating about this crew other people might.

Ray: Adrian’s really become part of the family. And he does see things we might not. Has a better sense of what’s interesting and cool about us than any of us do.

LEAH: Y’all are so down-to-earth that it’s so fun and just…nice to be able to see little snapshots you’re willing to share. *smiles* And even though y’all clearly appreciate your fans so much, being in the spotlight constantly has to be incredibly draining, I’m sure. How has that impacted your lives? And what means have y’all developed for adapting to it? *smiles* Dom, I’m curious about you especially, because I can only imagine how jarring it was to go from being able to hide in plain sight in Domino apparel to everyone knowing you’re also Dominic.

Domino: Yeah, it’s been…weird. But also okay? I don’t know. I still go out as Domino with the band, and I guess people have figured out to, like, interact with me then? I mean I know fans see me when I’m out with Adrian and we’re just…us. But they leave me alone more. I mean, there’s still the photos…

Adrian: Because you’re pretty.

Dom: *sputters* I’m… stop that. And you’re in the photos, too.

Zavier: Because he’s pretty, as well.

Adrian: *gives Zavier a look*

Mish: Boys.

Ray: *laughing*

Mish: *rolls her eyes* Being on is really hard. But it’s also so much fun. The pap love following me, and the press love speculating about my love life, and I hate that. But pretty much, I let ‘em know I hate it. But on the whole… I guess kind of like Dom, most people, especially if they live in the city, give me space. But I’ll take the time with fans, too. I guess mainly, there’s a time and a place, you know?

Ray: When it gets to be too much, Zavier has this…intimidation field. And suddenly people leave us alone. I have no idea what he does.

Zavier: I just smile at them.

Mish: Honey, that thing you do ain’t a smile…

Zavier: *grins but says nothing*

LEAH: *bites lip to hold in a laugh* Back to the music itself for a minute. Y’all have a sound that can’t really be pinpointed to one area, though it’s undoubtedly rock. Who are all y’all’s musical inspirations?

Zavier: Prokofiev.

Ray: *punches him in the arm*

Zavier: But it’s true! Also anything Robert Frip does.

Domino: God. Frip.. But you know, I love Freaking Guns N’ Roses. But also like, Muddy Waters. And well, any blues.

Mish: Well, I like Joan Jett and Pat Benatar. But also, I freaking love pop. Like give me Fall Out Boy, too.

Ray: I adore pop. And, well everything. I don’t know. I also like being able to scream on stage. I’m inspired by every freaking thing.

Zavier: You might think he’s dodging, but really he is inspired by it all. Even a bottle rolling in the street.

Ray: *punches Zav again*

Zavier: Still true.

Mish: He’s got you there, kiddo.

Ray: FINE.

LEAH: *fails so hard at keeping the laugh in* So, we’ve learned that most of y’all enjoy reading, and as a big fan of it myself, I’m curious if you’ve read anything good recently! *grins* I’m always looking for new, interesting stuff.

Ray: Um, I’m reading Alexander Hamilton, by Ron Chernow, the book the musical Hamilton was inspired by. I’m actually a giant history nerd.

Zavier: I’ve been working my way through the Gaslight Mystery series by Victoria Thompson. I love books set in New York City but in a different time, you know?

Mish: I just started The Fifth Season by N. K. Jemisin. I’ve heard such good things about the trilogy…

Domino: I’m in the middle of All the Birds in the Sky by Charlie Jane Anders. I’m trying to read a lot of queer writers and different genres and stuff.

LEAH: Ooh, Mish, I’ve been meaning to read that, I hope you enjoy it. And I’ll have to check out the others! I’ve heard of the Hamilton bio but the size is a bit daunting. *grimaces* Now! If you could go on tour anywhere in the world, where would you most like to go?

Ray: Iceland! Don’t ask me why. It’s just the first place that popped into my head!

Mish: I think I’d like to go to Australia and New Zealand. I’ve never been that far away, and they look like beautiful places.

Domino: This is weird, but I’d love to do like a stop for the scientists down in Antarctica, but I bet that’s kinda out of the question.

Zavier: I’ve been to a lot of different places, back when I toured with the symphony. I’d love to go back to Rome. There’s just something about that city.

LEAH: Okay, but Domino, that Antarctica idea is super cool! *smiles* Each of you, describe your bandmates by referencing a kind of beverage. Feel free to elaborate or not!

Domino: Adrian is coffee.

Adrian: I’m not a bandmate, babe.

Mish: But you are coffee.

Everyone else: *nods*

Ray: Mish is one of those drinks you can set on fire. Domino is sparkling water with pineapple. Zavier is really really dark hot chocolate. With a single marshmallow.

Zavier: *raises an eyebrow* You don’t have to explain that last one to them, but you’re going to explain it to me later.

Ray: *smiles*

Zavier: Mish is a well balanced, oaky Cabernet Sauvignon. Lovely, and with a lot of depth. Dom is an Irish coffee someone has spiked with fire water, and Ray is a bodyshot of tequila.

Ray: I’m what?

Zavier: *says nothing, but looks smug*

Mish: I don’t know if I can do this after those two! Shit. Um. Dom’s a black and tan. Gotta say, Ray is like a shot of tequila, but I ain’t licking it off of anyone’s body, so how about we call him a nice strong margarita on the rocks with salt on the… edge of the glass.

Zavier: *laughing silently*

Mish: And Zavier is fucking flute of champagne that someone’s dropped an expensive dark truffle into.

Domino: You people. Ray’s a glass of milk. Zavier is orange juice. It’s a wonder they actually go together. Mish is a really cold coke on a hot summer’s day.

LEAH: Oh my god, I’m so so glad I asked that question. *cackles* Now. For the most important question. *steeples hands in front of face* What is your favorite kind of cheese?

Mish: Geitost

Zavier: Fresh feta

Domino: Port wine cheese

Ray: Muenster

LEAH: Excellent choices, all. *solemn nod* Okay, and one last question. If you could give aspiring musicians a piece of advice, what would it be?

Ray: Oh man. Keep working at it? Listen to everything and take it all in? I mean, you don’t necessarily need music lessons or stuff, but they do help.

Zavier: *nods* Most of my training is classical, and it’s a boon, sure. But Ray’s right. You need to find your passion and yourself in the music.

Domino: Or find who you are in the music, you know, if you can’t be yourself. I don’t know if that makes sense. Just… let go and believe.

Mish: Yeah. There’s a heart to it. Follow your heart and soul. Don’t compromise on that.

LEAH: Beautiful advice, thank you for sharing. *smiles* And once again, thank y’all so much for stopping by to talk, it was wonderful to have you!

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