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ARC REVIEW: Pomegranate Seeds by Melissa Jennings


43895759Publisher: Self-pub
Release Date: June 21, 2019
Received From: Review copy from the author

A collection of 6 poems about finding out how much the heart can take and where it truly belongs. The poetry collection also explores the author’s personal journey towards realising that they are polyamorous.

This micro-chapbook discusses polyamphobia, internalised polyamphobia, sexual imagery, and emotional self-harm.

gender sexuality romantic pairings

GENDER: nonbinary
ROMANTIC ORIENTATION: queer, polyamory

tropes tags warnings

TAGS: poetry, adult, ownvoices, contemporary
WARNINGS: anti-polyamory / polyamphobia, internalized polyamphobia, sexual content/imagery, self-harm, emotional self-harm


This collection may only be 6 poems altogether, but it packs quite an emotional punch!

As always, poetry is very difficult to rate because it’s all subjective, right? And when it’s about something that’s clearly personal to the author, it can be even harder to decide on a rating. Fortunately, it’s really not an issue with this collection! Within these poems, Jennings writes about heartbreak and romantic and sexual interest as a polyamorous person, while also making the poems specific to a person in their own life.

Despite, or maybe in spite of, the incredibly deep personal connection between author and poetry, Jennings presents the reader with achingly relatable works. For alloromantic and allosexual readers, even if they aren’t polyamorous, the emotional impact of the kind of heartbreak depicted within these pages is breathtaking. For many of us have experienced and lived through similar situations.

For such a short collection, this chapbook is drenched in a multitude of layers, which work together to create an immersive and stunning reading experience.

rating5 STARSabout the author

16797886Melissa Jennings is more heart than human. They are a lover of books, poetry, and animals. They’re probably a druid. They are a Scottish non-binary queer living the city of Glasgow, in Scotland. They also love to scream about books and perform their poems about depression on occasion. Melissa also belongs to a little kitten called Dora where Melissa’s heart truly belongs.

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review by nicky tyler

and check out this interview with Melissa Jennings about the collection!

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