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BOOK PLAYLIST: Forgotten Monster by J Emery


Good morning, y’all!

We’re back today with an exciting post: a guest post by author J. Emery featuring the playlist for their upcoming book, FORGOTTEN MONSTER, releasing on August 7! (2 days away, ahhhh!)

It’s a great list, and definitely one you should listen to while reading the wonderful book, so check it out below and let us know how you liked the musical selections!



I admit it, my first step before writing anything is to make a playlist. I need my music. And usually each character has a musical theme that reflects their personality (looking at you, Taisce. That Mumford is all you.)

The playlist I used to write Forgotten Monster is actually a little—okay, a lot— long since it saw me through drafting and at least a half dozen rounds of revisions. Maybe more. (It’s probably more.) I’ve compiled some of the highlights for this list and all of them (plus a few extras) can be found on Spotify!

The Forgotten Monster playlist:

Just One Yesterday – Fall Out Boy
Believe – Mumford & Sons
Desire – Meg Myers
Heavydirtysoul – Twenty One Pilots
Young God – Halsey
Unsteady – X Ambassadors
Fire – Barns Courtney
Mercy – Shawn Mendes
He Lays In The Reins – Calexico, Iron & Wine
Take Me to the Fire – Ghost & Gale
Way Down We Go – KALEO
Smoke – PVRIS
Pray For Me – You Me At Six

Playlist on Spotify


ForgottenMonster-fBetter with numbers than people, Taisce would have been perfectly happy managing the family estate the rest of his life. But when his older brother, Rupert, vanishes on a quest to find a mythical monster, Taisce has no choice but to find him before anyone realizes there’s an heir missing.

Sef has learned a thing or two about magic and poor life choices during his centuries of cursed immortality. He’s also fresh from a missed appointment with the hangman and looking to get out of town quickly, so he happily volunteers to assist in locating the wayward brother. In return for his services, Sef only wants one thing: for Taisce to break his curse. The fact that it will likely kill Sef (permanently this time) is just a bonus.

But somewhere in the midst of bickering and searching for Rupert, Taisce and Sef start to struggle with keeping business separate from pleasure, leaving both wondering how exactly their quest is going to end.

Everywhere Else


J. Emery has been slowly writing their way through every fantasy trope since they were little (some of them more than once). Maybe someday they’ll have covered them all. And also made them much more queer.

In their free time, they can be found gaming and documenting the whole thing on twitter at @mixeduppainter. Their ridiculous levels of terror over horror games are near legendary.

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