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#YARC2019: Completed the Challenge but Not As Much As I Wanted


As some of you may know, the Year of the Asian Reading Challenge is a year long challenge that is focused on reading books by authors of the variety of Asian nationalities. The challenge is hosted by 4 Asian bloggers:

Also, there’s a variety of challenge levels from participants to choose from, and I elected to read the MALAYAN TAPIR challenge, which consists of reading 21-30 books.


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#MBookBingo: Another Year Long Reading Challenge


If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen me occasionally posting to a hashtag called #MBookBingo with a bingo card and sharing updates on my reading, as I did with the #RomBkBingo challenge I previously talked about on the blog.

Again, the reading challenge was started by my very own blogging partner M, and was meant to be a year long challenge! I finished mine with less than a month to spare, completing my final book on December 2!

So, today, I’m here to share with y’all the books I read this year and utilized towards the bingo card!

And be sure to check out the hashtag to see what books other people read as well!


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