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BOOK TAG: Bad Bunny X 100PRE


Okay, so, if you follow me anywhere on social media at all, you have to know that I love and adore Bad Bunny and his music. It’s just…impossible for you to miss.

I was first introduced to him last year by my dear friend Piper asking if I had seen the music video for MIA. I had not, so I watched it, and the song was super catchy and I fell for his adorable ass the moment he did that tongue thing he does. Hooked from the word go and haven’t looked back! (I even saw him in concert back in November!)

So, again, when I saw Adriana of Boricua Reads had created this book tag with prompts based on Benito’s debut album, there was nothing to do but share some of my own recommendations! And please be sure to check out Adriana’s post for even more books!


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If you follow me on Twitter, you may or may not know that I love Halsey and her music. So when I saw that Fadwa of Word Wonders created a book tag for Halsey’s latest album, Manic, I couldn’t resist the need to participate, despite the obvious lack of posts coming from this blog lately.

I honestly don’t know how active I will be on this blog once I finish the ARCs I currently have, but for now, this seemed like a fun post that I’m happy to do, so I hope it’s interesting for you too.

And be sure to check out Fadwa’s booktube video where she introduces the tag!


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#RomBkBingo: A Year Long Romance Reading Challenge


If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen me occasionally posting to a hashtag called #RomBkBingo with a bingo card and sharing updates on my reading.

The reading challenge was started by my very own blogging partner M, and was meant to be a year long challenge! I finished mine just in the nick of time, completing my last book on November 15!

So, today, I’m here to share with y’all the books I read this year and utilized towards the bingo card!

And be sure to check out the hashtag to see what books other people read as well!

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#ReadLatinx: Recommendations


Good morning, y’all!

Today, I want to share some recommendations with you as part of a hashtag that I really love: #ReadLatinx.

#ReadLatinx is a hashtag that was started by Adriana of Boricua Reads (@boricuareads) and it is meant to highlight books by Latinx authors! It’s a great way to find new reads and to support Latinx authors, and I want to contribute to that however I can.

Thus! This post was born!

So, this particular blog post will share some books by Latinx authors that I have read, loved, and think all y’all should pick up as well!

Then, come back on Friday for a list of some of my anticipated reads! And, most importantly, join the hashtag, share your favorites, and support Latinx authors.


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BOOK TAG: Mid Year Freak Out


I’ve been terrible about posting reviews all summer and so I am scrambling to accept any and all tags/memes so that I have content on my blog! lolsob! Which is why I bring you the MID-YEAR FREAK OUT BOOK TAG (originally created by booktubers Read Like Wildfire and Earl Grey Books) after seeing it on Cande’s blog recently!


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Alphabetical Book Recommendations!


Hi hi, y’all!

Today, I’m excited to bring you a fun post where I recommend one book per letter of the alphabet! I decided to do this post after seeing the same on my good friend Avery’s blog (Book Deviant), who was inspired by another lovely friend, Corey’s blog (Corey’s Book Corner)!

I’m going to try to to do 4 recommendations per letter, so that should (hopefully) come out to 104 books and/or series! Additionally, I’m going to attempt not to recommend more than one book per author. The books/series will contain a range of genres, target age groups, settings, and more!

So let’s see how it goes, shall we?


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Witch-ify Your TBR


Good morning, y’all!

Today we have a really fun Halloween themed post! I saw this over on Wild Heart Reads, and my friend Ash decided to share some witchy, magic-filled reads to go along with the holiday season. Since I like reading books with magic as well, I figured it might be cool to share some of my own recs!

I’m going to attempt not to repeat any of the ones Ash shared, so let’s see how this goes! Keep on scrolling for some spoopy book recommendations!


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BOOK TAG: Summer Scariest (not as scary as you think)

black background with white outlines creating little ghosts, orange text reading “BOOK TAG: Summer Scariest (not as scary as you think)”

I saw this tag on Sweet Things on tumblr, who found it on EmmmaBooks’ BookTube channel and thought it looked fun. But, since I don’t read too much horror, there likely will be a variety of different genres mixed in here. Sorry if you came here anticipating the horror!

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